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Be More Fit Personal Training

Be Better Than What You Used to Be
Set Fitness Goals, Walk Towards Them, Crush Them!
Yes, You Can Do This

Hi, I am Tsvetelina Ivanova-Stoilova!

– A goal digger when it comes to fitness.
I am a strong-willed personal trainer who believes the human body is always work-in-progress; you really have to sweat a little to perfect it. I am a passionate and no-nonsense person who puts her body, mind and soul to prepping clients. There’s no surrendering until goals are achieved.
With Personal Training experience of a decade, I channel my energy and skills into motivating people to have a healthy, zestful life. I actively study new trends in body health and development.
As a fitness coach, I love to blend exercise with good diet; I’ve a knack for preparing easy, tasty and healthy eating recipes that complement all the hard work that you perform. I’m a former Aerobic Instructor and member of my High School Athletic Team.
In addition to offering health tips and undertaking challenging exercises and fitness programmes, I also perform massage therapy and injury rehabilitation for my clients.
Stay persistent, and you’ll make it there; stay consistent and you can keep it forever. Well, that’s what fitness is for me.

You Should Enjoy A Workout For…

  • Fat loss: Burn the calories, put those flabs under control and keep obesity at bay with my strength training programme.
  • Flat abs: Who doesn’t love a sleek stomach? Don’t plan sucking it in. Instead plan to get your beach body ready. I have a fast slim workout programme tailored for you.
  • Toned arms: Exercise towards making your arms look longer, leaner and all set to bare.
  • Muscle definition: Switch to some power-based exercises to build mass and achieve a chiselled physique.
  • Or simply to feel good: Yes, exercise and healthy diet work towards de-stressing you. Your confidence is boosted, your memory enhanced, energy restored, immunity strengthened and happiness quotient magnified.
  • That perfect body for your Big Day: Yes, I even provide an Asian wedding fast track programme for brides and grooms. Go back to your previous shape, look great and get ready to fit in the dress of a lifetime – your wedding attire.

The Good Things Clients Are Saying About Me

“Since starting my personal training with Tsvetelina over a year ago in the comfort of my own home, I have to say that I’m a very different person in many ways and my lifestyle has changed a vast amount. My body shape has changed for the better, and I have dropped 2 dress sizes going from size 14 to size 10. I feel more motivated and very energetic now than I ever did, with the variety of exercise programmes Tsvetelina combines for me in each session. My level of general fitness has improved with Tsvetelina’s good guidance; not only does she produce an excellent programme which is well paced and enjoyable but she also gives me very good nutritional advice which assists me to keep the pounds off. Tsvetelina is firm but fair, an exceptional personal trainer who is a great motivator, supporter, patient in many ways yet professional and clearly an expert in her knowledge and skills. She gets the best out of me every time and is a good company to be with. I would highly recommend Tsvetelina without a doubt as I have achieved the best results to date – you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure! Kind regards.“ – Kamini Nandha

Let’s Direct Exercises Towards Results!

So you tried all the exercises and failed? Switched to what they told you is a healthy diet plan and still saw no results? Well, that’s because your body’s needs are unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all fitness programme or diet regime you can bank on. This is why I bring to you my Personal Training services – your best bet to achieve what your body truly demands. Let’s get started.

How It Works At Be More Fit Personal Training

We Shall Begin With A One-To-One Discussion

You can book a no-obligation consultation at Be More Fit Personal Training. This would be your first meeting with me where we will sort out the initial thoughts. We shall talk about yourself, your body and the kind of exercise regime it requires. Together, we will work towards setting fitness goals and chalking out a diet that suits your lifestyle. And then, the groundwork shall begin.

Move On To Lifestyle And Health Appraisal

A timescale will be planned to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Plans will be set on how to achieve this. The entire process will cover a thorough assessment of your day-to-day habits, your overall physical condition, occupation, medication, if any, and food intake.

A Fitness Testing Will Be Performed

This would include taking your measurements and checking how your body responds to a recommended exercise or diet plan. A testing session helps in establishing which aspects of your fitness need attention and should be worked on. Calculations for body weight, body mass, blood pressure and heart rate fall under this umbrella.

The Agreed Plan Will Then Be Put To Action

After we are done with all the planning and testing, your training sessions will begin. It can be anywhere – at the comfort of your home, your garden, or even the local park near your residence. You need not worry about the equipment as those will be provided by me.

Taster Sessions For Your Convenience

Why not go for taster sessions prior to taking the plunge? I offer you hour-long sessions of my fitness programme so you can experience what it feels like working out under my supervision.

A Hint Of Fun With Work!

I don’t believe in half-hearted efforts. And too rigorous a training session has all the potential to become boring and uninteresting. This is why I make sure to introduce fun sessions amidst all the stringently monitored exercise programmes and diet advice. Fun moves, fun meal preparation, fun chats – you can have it all!