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Diet Tips And Recipes

Finding The Right Diet For You

Whats dieting to you? Skipping meals? Well, at Be More Fit Personal Training, I will teach you how not to skip a meal and still work towards a body to die for. Be prepared to have the tastiest weight-loss dishes on your platter. I believe a healthy and fit body is as much about having the right food as it is about performing the right exercise. Remember, get-slimmer goals are achievable only when you blend them with get-slimmer meals. And with a little planning, you can make this happen.

A Healthy Diet As In?

I understand the juggle people do to balance work and life, and the hectic schedules they follow. However, a healthy diet, although not a cakewalk, is not impossible either. You just have to cut your cravings and devotedly follow a diet regime that comprises of nutritious and wholesome food devoid of bad choices.

My Diet Plans For You

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

So, the entire plan begins with your lifestyle – what you do, how you lead your life, what food you consume, what work you do and for what time, et cetera. This would also include having a sneak peek of your refrigerator. Any wrong food would need to be immediately replaced. I will also offer the knowledge you need to serve nutrition to your body in the right way and in the correct proportions. You will be handed out a weekly dietary plan with guidelines, which you need to follow judiciously.


The meal plan I set for you will be combined with exercises that help in shedding body fat. Please bear in mind that this is no magic potion. It needs your efforts and determination. The exercises I recommend are not just to blast fat, but also to tone the body and reshape it to fit maybe a new dress size! Most of all, these physical activities restore your energy level, putting to good use the nutritional benefits acquired from your diet.


I am totally in love with cooking and focus more on preparing quick, healthy dishes. My preparation procedures are simple and consume less time. The meal recipes I will provide will help you steer clear of food cravings, hunger pangs and overeating. Worried about the taste? Well, that’d be according to your preference and always high on the yum factor!
Also expect assistance in your food shopping trips, cooking lessons and a daily nutrition check.