Sports Massage & Injury rehabilitation

Trust Me On This: Your Body Needs A Massage

There’s no better way to overcome stress than through a rejuvenating massage session. This is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity that helps in calming the body, mind and soul. And the benefits are endless. It helps you relieve body pain, headaches, and muscle wear and tear. Massage improves blood circulation, enhances immunity and promotes the flexibility of body parts. If you’re ill, it will help you do away with fatigue because it’s an instant mood lifter. Did you know massage can help you age later and live longer? Reward and pamper yourself with a session today.

You’re Just A Massage Away From Loosening Up

At Be More Fit Personal Training, I bring to you massage therapies which you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. An hour is all that you need!

Relaxing Massage: 60 min

It is exactly what it sounds: it’s meant for absolute relaxation. I’ve designed the Relaxing Massage sessions to pull out pain and discomfort from the body and replace them with a calming effect. An hour-long indulgence of gently kneading and stroking the body helps you unwind and loosen up.

Sports Massage: 60 min

Don’t go by the name of this one. Sports Massage is for all, regardless of whether you are a sportsperson or not. An hour-long session helps in elevating injury-borne pain, releasing muscle tension, restoring strength, improving flexibility and enhancing endurance abilities.

Deep Tissue Massage: 60 min

Ideal for relieving chronic muscle tension, a session of Deep Tissue Massage targets the deep-seated layers of muscle tissue. It acts on the hormonal balance, promoting the secretion of endorphins, the natural stress-busters, and reducing anxiety.

Injury Rehabilitation Session: 60 min

My sessions for injury rehabilitation and prevention are meant for those who are vulnerable to injuries, including all sportspeople. They can also be worthwhile for those who are recovering from recent surgeries. The sessions are designed to accelerate healing, improve strength and bring about flexibility.

Self Myofascial Release Session With Foam Roller: 60 min

This massage is, in fact, a form of alternative medicine therapy focused on treating skeletal muscle immobility. Contracted muscles can be relaxed, lymphatic circulation can be promoted, blood flow can be increased, and flexibility can be regained with the help of a simple foam roller.